The Access Technologies

Transforming Healthcare Through Science and Innovation

The Problem

An aging population, rise in chronic diseases, higher healthcare costs, and increased burden on public health systems warrants the need for fully-connected and versatile health tracking and alerting devices. However, existing technology does not provide comprehensive physiological information and lacks adequate biosensor integration and/or remote health tracking/alerting functionality.

The Solution

Our technology fulfills the important unmet needs of the health monitoring market and more specifically of the vital signs monitoring market. The Access Technologies (Access Tech) develops fully-connected cloud-enabled noninvasive wearable and tabletop medical devices that unobtrusively accomplish multiparameter physiological monitoring and analysis to provide early warnings for conditions like atrial fibrillation (AF), stroke, heart attack, and respiratory failure in an effort to save lives, improve overall quality of life, and reduce physical/financial burden on healthcare systems.

The Vision

Our vision at Access Tech is to be a global leader in the field of clinical-grade medical devices and health analytics. We are creating a center of excellence in Ottawa that focuses on all aspects of medical device research and development (R&D). Our mission is to engineer and create cutting-edge medical devices and diagnostic tools for the betterment of humankind and to position Canada as a leader on the world map vis-à-vis medical device innovation and adoption.